CANNOT WAIT to see @keiichiban’s #hyper-reality films get made, support it on @kickstarter

Still from original films made by Keiichi Matsuda
Still from original films made by Keiichi Matsuda

I first heard about Keiichi Matsuda when I chanced upon his project Cell a couple of years ago.

So it was a pleasant surprise then when I heard from him this week with information of his latest project Hyper Reality.

Hyper Reality is a series of short films that he is hoping to make very soon, based on a future city (set in Medellin, Colombia) that is maxed out on technology and media. Obviously these are subjects I am passionate about so it piqued me interest immediately – but more importantly, his introductory video is really phenomenal. You have to watch it.

Having seen that, I hope you’re as excited as I am about being able to see the full thing, design fiction to the extreme. It will mean a lot if you can help it get made by supporting Hyper Reality on Kickstarter – it officially launched this morning so everything is a go. Tweet, blog, contribute to the Kickstarter fund – everything is much appreciated, not just by Keiichi but by me because I really want to see the full films!

Keiichi explains the premise for creating these films really well on the Kickstarter page:

Technology is playing an increasingly important part in our everyday lives. Most of the time though, we learn about technology from the people who are trying to sell it to us. I believe that it’s important to be critical; to be aware of how these technologies could shape our future. The films will expose the amazing potential, but also the possibly dark future of some technologies, while presenting them in a way that everyone can understand.

I’ve supported it on Kickstarter. Will you?

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