.@worrydream on media for thinking the unthinkable

Really powerful talk by Bret Victor at MIT from back in April, which I just got down to watching in its entirety. You have to applaud people like him who have such a strong desire to change the way society thinks. He says that the popular concepts of the time, whether power electronics back in the day or software engineering more recently, are short-lived compared to the *thinking* that underpin these concepts. He hopes to change the way people think by introducing them to new ways of thinking, and he does this by using media as a thinking tool that can help us make better sense of systems and therefore better equipped to come up with new ideas to shake these systems, or in fact completely new systems themselves. Read the preface to his talk here (and don’t blame me if you get caught up in discovering the rest of his work which is as fascinating).

Update: You can also browse the talk’s specific sections through this great site Bret created here.

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