Epic 2014 (re)-visited (via @tcarmody & @snarkmarket)

Via the always-smart-if-now-infrequently-updated Snarkmarket, where Tim Carmody talks about Bezos and Amazon, I found a link to Epic, Robin Sloan’s 2004 project for the Museum of Media History, which I missed when it first came out. It evokes 2014 – just 4 months from now (FOUR – where ON EARTH is time flying?), and brings up some very relevant thoughts. The Google Grid finds form in the Play Store, Newsbotster takes shape in some way through Google Plus, and though Google and Amazon haven’t merged to form Googlezon, the Yahoo-Tumblr deal is pretty significant, as has been Microsoft-Skype. I also just read BI’s fascinating profile of Marissa Mayer where the possibility of Yahoo exchanging their search division with MSN.com was mooted (it didn’t happen of course).

As this YouTube poster said, ‘This was made in 2004. There’s no mention of the iPhone or Facebook or Twitter’ – amazingly prescient work worth a quick watch.

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