Helping @kidsclubkampala achieve greater impact cc @oliviambarker

Kids Club Kampala

In May this year, the Media Trust organised a speed-matching event at PHD. For about 1.5 hours, 15 PHD’ers spent a few minutes each with a range of non-profits who are all doing great work in areas ranging from poverty alleviation and the arts to education and environmental awareness. Time for me to admit something: I’ve never been speed-dating (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing really!), so Media Trust’s speed-matching concept, which is essentially speed-dating for media professionals and charities to find matches with each other, was really interesting for me to be a part of.

The amusing thing is that who you thought you’d be best matched with didn’t necessarily match the sense of the charities – they didn’t always think you’d be best for them. Yes, yes, I know now that’s how speed-dating works too!

I was lucky, however, to find a great match in Kids Club Kampala, a non-profit that works in and around Kampala, Uganda, to bring hope and love to poor communities specifically by working with children and women. Olivia Barker, their UK Director, is a lovely person who is very committed to the cause she works for and I am privileged to be helping her take Kids Club Kampala to a wider audience.

As we speak, Olivia has just left London to go to Uganda for 3 months to work on the ground there. There’s lots that anyone interested can do to help:

–          Sign up to their monthly newsletter; here’s their latest one

–          Read and comment on their blog if you find their stories interesting

–          Follow them on Twitter (that’s an easy one!)

–          Like them on Facebook to get updates

–          Last but not least, donate via JustGiving to help them continue doing what they do

Their Ewafe project (‘where we belong’) to stop child abandonment in Uganda is live for another hour (but all contributions will be appreciated).

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