Glad to be associated with @angelacademe, if you’re a female entrepreneur looking for investment get in touch

Angel Academe logo

I had a lovely chat with Sarah Turner, founder of Angel Academe, about the organisation a couple of weeks ago. Angel Academe, for those of you not in the know, exists to get more women investing in female-owned technology start-ups (think Astia, Pipeline Fellowship etc).

I went along to their last event at the BBC a month or so ago and was really interested in the range of women-owned start-ups I saw presenting: Rose Adkins from ScreenHits, Nageela Yusuf from Cerebriam and Emma Lindley from Innovate Identity all did brief 15-minute presentations to take us through their propositions and they were all rather unique. I see quite a few start-ups nowadays as part of my day job and after over a year I feel rather disconcerted at the very small number of female entrepreneurs and investors around. They do exist of course but their numbers are small and I’d like to be able to see more of them because I feel they have a lot to offer; both as owners of companies and as potential investors in high-growth potential companies.

I’m not an angel investor (yet?!!) but look forward to being associated with Angel Academe as an advisor going forward.

If any female entrepreneurs in the UK are reading this, please get in touch with Sarah or myself if this sounds interesting to you.

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