Quick thoughts from @jensonbutton & @cannes_lions Chimera sessions #canneslions

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ve probably figured out I’m at Cannes this week.

There’s a great collection of posts on the PHD blog, including one from me that made it to Campaign as well.

Here are some more thoughts from sessions on Monday:

Jenson Button at Cannes

Collaboration in a complex world

I wanted to briefly mention a few things that came out of a couple of sessions I attended at Cannes on Monday, the Maclaren session with Jenson Button and the Cannes Chimera session by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

–       A quick route to good ideas: they are more easily arrived at when you know what does NOT meet your criteria of ‘good’; it makes excluding the bad stuff easier than before. Maclaren use this in their daily operations to evaluate which ideas are worth carrying forward into execution and which not to.

–       The importance of teamwork: Jenson Button mentioned how he depends on his team to give him the right information at the right time in order for him to be able to perform to the best of his ability. We actually saw a Maclaren team simulate what they did during an F1 pit-stop live on stage (it passed in seconds) – during a live race the team monitoring the car evaluates the multitude of available information on a minute-by-minute basis to help the driver perform to maximum efficiency.

–       The importance of collaboration in a lean world: because we all have so much information available to us all the time, it is much easier to work with people towards a positive goal (i.e the client’s best interest) even when multiple parties are involved. Nick Emery, Mindshare’s Global CEO mentioned that that mindset helps them work with AKQA, R/GA and Wieden + Kennedy to make Nike the marketing powerhouse that it is.

–       The benefits of collaboration to solve complex problems: Nick Law, Chief Creative Officer of R/GA made a comment during the Cannes Chimera session (well worth your time to take a quick look at by the way – a concerted effort to channel the advertising industry’s creativity towards solving problems larger than itself (joke)): many of the Nobel Prizes of late have been achieved by multiple people working on solving a problem. Similarly putting the brains of the industry to work at tackling complex problems might help to break them down into achievable goals.

All things to mull over as you have your evening’s glass of rose. Over and out for now.

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