Inspiring @pttow videos: @gtwhitesides on Virgin Galactic & @esthersoolee on #itcanwait

I’d like to share 2 videos I was pointed to today, talks from last month’s PTTOW conference in California.

The first one is by George Whitesides, the CEO of Virgin Galactic. I’ve always been a bit enamoured (as anyone would) with the idea of flying into space. I read every word of Wired’s March cover story on Virgin Galactic’s current efforts in the desert of New Mexico, so I found this video absolutely thrilling. Mr. Whitesides actually shows a clip of the first rocket-powered flight that took place a few weeks ago (the video was premiered at the event): essentially an aircraft with the rocket-powered spaceship attached flew to 52,000 feet and then released the rocket into space. It’s taken them 8.5 years to get this far, but get there they have. They expect to send the first commercial flight into space within 2 years; 570 people have signed up. How lucky are they. Anyway, anyone who’s interested in this should watch this talk:

The second talk is by Esther Lee, SVP of brand marketing and advertising for AT&T in the US. She speaks about their #itcanwait campaign to stop texting and driving. I don’t think anyone can not be moved by the change they are effecting, not least through things like the Drive Mode app which automatically sends a customized message when the vehicle starts moving at 25 kmph. They are even pre-installing it on AT&T phones. People have come out to share their stories in droves, celebrities have volunteered to spread the word, and even competitors are working with them now on this campaign.

She mentions one thing that a lot of brands would do well to take to heart:

Movements require purity of purpose.

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