Excited to see the progress towards @better_futures Internet of Things Academy by @superflux and partners

I’ve been following Sony’s Futurescapes project for a while, as well as what Superflux are doing with them. (I think it’s one of the best things Sony are investing in as a brand). Superflux have just blogged about the second phase of the work they are doing with partners like Technology Will Save Us and the Forum for the Future to build an Internet of Things Academy, something that is much needed and at a time when the vast amount of knowledge out there, such as the content produced by the Internet of Things meetups and the EU Internet of Things website and council can be taken to an actionable next step. There is a growing audience of people interested in and equipped with the knowledge to explore the internet of things, as well as kids growing up now who have an appetite to build and hack using technologies like Arduino and accessible devices like the Raspberry Pi. The larger community can have a role to play in making sure the future for IOT is bright through initiatives like the IOT Academy. Well done, all involved.

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