.@HUL_Connect’s Missed Call campaign for Active Wheel

I randomly heard about this campaign a couple of weeks ago for Active Wheel, a Unilever detergent soap in India, which I liked as soon as I heard about it. And then last week I got to know it was by PHD India, so I felt a transferred sense of joy.

The insight was that rural consumers in India use the missed call as a way of communicating with friends, family and business associates (especially business associates) at low cost. It’s something I used to see a lot of myself when I worked in the country years ago. Unilever created a massively successful campaign around the missed call, getting people to voluntarily give missed calls to a Unilever number, and then be called back to hear funny stories. Very high cut-through in areas that are just not served by usual modes of advertising.

netCORE for Hindustan Unilever from Arnab Majumdar on Vimeo.

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