Seriously Social: casebook of effectiveness studies by @WarcEditors

WARC has just published a rather detailed report that looks at the growth in the use of social media in marketing campaigns, by analysing over 800 cases that were featured on the site over the last couple of years. The growth is unsurprising given what we know of the industry today, but a quick look at the statistical analysis they have done is worth looking at nevertheless:

– Social media was used in 75% of Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions in 2012, up from 50% in 2011

– The forecast for US annual compound growth rate of social media in advertising from 2012-2016 is 19%

– The proportion of new cases on WARC that feature social media has tripled from 19% in 2009 to 57% in the most recent period (January to September, 2012).

–  Unilever heads the list of the Top 15 brands/brand owners with the most social cases on Warc, with 46 award-winning examples. It is followed by Procter & Gamble (31), Kraft (18), Mars (15) and Coca-Cola (14).

There are some fascinating case studies from across the world, including some that I hadn’t heard of before, like Inspired by Iceland, Metropolitan Police (UK), GRAAC Donate Your Fame (Brazil).

WARC seriously social

There’s a free sample of the report here, and I fully encourage you to sign up and/or buy the full report if you can – I spent quite a while reading through the detailed version.

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