‘A dissatisfaction with anything ordinary’: @kevin2kelly

What happens if we spend all day exposed to the extremes of life, to a steady stream of the most improbable events, and try to run ordinary lives in a background hum of superlatives? What happens when the extraordinary becomes ordinary?

The good news may be that it cultivates in us an expanded sense of what is possible for humans, and for human life, and so expand us. The bad news may be that this insatiable appetite for supe-superlatives leads to dissatisfaction with anything ordinary.

Kevin Kelly

I’d like to think that redefining the ordinary means that the base level of comparison lifts higher. As long as we aren’t chasing after a unicorn, and that the ‘new’ ordinary is achievable in some way, this is OK.

2 thoughts on “‘A dissatisfaction with anything ordinary’: @kevin2kelly

    • @mkedave yes, i have too. i speak to quite a few people who feel the same way. part of it is to do with our preoccupation with technology and the next big thing, and part of it with sheer ambition, and feeling dwarfed in the face, and the speed of everything else that’s going on in the world. I think!

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