100 Design Projects: Part 3

I realise I haven’t yet posted what I did in the second half of my design course last month.

The third session I went to was about encouraging us to think differently about media, and encouraging us to remix ideas. Projects we undertook included:

– Designing an animal that was a hybrid of a hamster and something else that had a superpower. Mine was a hamster-spider hybrid that produced silk. Yeah, haha.

– Designing a carrier bag for products bought from a spy shop; the conundrum is self-explanatory

– Designing coins for a government on Mars. My coin designs had sharp edges and an alien-inspired look in green and orange.


– Designing a shoe-sole in a way that it reflected the owner’s personality. Mine were stilettos that had ‘connect the dots’ inscribed, for a vixen that aimed to lead men on.


– Designing an avatar for myself as a superpower

– Designing a poster advertising deep fried Mars bars, the Scottish speciality

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