Blog Action Day 2012-The Power of We. Profiling some startups from @emergelab #BAD12

Image credit: Daniel Lee via Flickr courtesy a CC license

Today is Blog Action Day 2012. I’ve participated in it the last couple of years so I figured why stop now.

The theme for this year is the Power of We, “a celebration of people working together to make a positive difference in the world, either for their own communities or for people they will never meet half way around he world”.

I’m sort of hitting two birds with one stone, because the groups I’m going to profile below are ones that are part of the Emerge Venture Lab, some of whom I mentored recently.

Cooking with Mama: a cookery school social enterprise in Central London that gives unemployed and underemployed women the chance to share their skills with a large audience.

Meducation: a network for medical students and professionals (over 22,000 strong and growing) that enables them to share their knowledge and ideas, enabling them to become better doctors. Dr. Alastair Buick, the founder, is currently searching for impact investors so if anyone has any ideas to share I would love to pass them along.

Gametastic: a programme focussed on getting girls aged 9-14 interested in technology and design (and more broadly STEM) through engaging with a game (currently in development).

StudentFunder: a platform that hopes to enable Master’s degree students raise loans and donations online so that they can pay for their education. Juan Guerra, the founder, is working with Coventry University on a pilot programme at the moment, looking at ways of bringing accepted students who would otherwise not be able to join the course into the programme. He’s also walking the talk and trying to raise funds for his startup by selling a film that tracks his journey through the Alps in an elephant costume (!). You can read more and help him here.

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