Reflecting on 100 Design Projects: Part 2

Continuing with my notes (you can read Part 1 here):

Session 2 had time as its central theme.

We started out by depicting various forms of music through drawing – jazz, allegro and so on. One of the things I’ve started to pay attention to is the impact different kinds of materials have on what I’m drawing. Crayons, paint, charcoal, marker pens and pencils all bring something very different to the page. That’s nothing earth-shattering I know, but I only realised that during the group review process, when we were looking at all our work on the walls. For example, noise was one of the forms of music I chose to draw, and I unconsciously used crayons which gave quite an interesting grating effect. I used splatters of paint to depict liveliness. A couple of us discussed intentional splattering and how it actually wasn’t as easy as you’d think!

My favourite part of the afternoon was when we were split into groups and asked to go around the neighbourhood to complete a set of tasks, as below:

Some of our output is below.

There are all sorts of things you wouldn’t really pay attention to in urban surroundings that just make it brilliant to be a part of one. I realised that I should take the time to notice these things a bit more. We were also forced to expand the possibility of what we thought was creative, especially when our only materials were chalk and clay.

Another interesting thing I noticed was the proliferation of CCTV’s on the roads. No wonder Banksy made that a focus of his work early on.

Another day, another set of thought-provoking projects.

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