On @pinterest and points of view

This is pretty interesting: if you type the words ‘thinspiration’ or ‘thinspo’ into the search box on Pinterest, it shows you a warning about eating disorders as below. It is supposed to extend to any words related to anorexia but I tried ‘anorexia’ itself as well as ‘thin’ and they both work. As this article says, clearly they are responding to the increase in the number of people looking for anorexia-related images on the site, but is a half-way house better or worse than going all the way and not showing any images like that at all? I suppose it’s a subjective thing: what’s thin to me may not be to you and so on.

In general though I think sites do have a social responsibility to their users: Google took a stand against piracy and Facebook against employers who request access to prospective employees’ passwords, amongst other things. If services don’t take a stand and have a strong POV on issues they feel strongly about, then they become facilitators, which is much more dangerous both ethically and as a brand.

Story via Mansi Trivedi.

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