One on One by Craig Brown

I’ve been dipping in and out of One on One by Craig Brown for a while now. It’s the kind of book you can do that with – it’s essentially a series of short anecdotes, each of which is linked to the next by one of the (famous) characters it references. It’s good fun – lots of ‘whoa’ moments, some which make you think ‘that is just so weird’. It’s a great example of connecting random dots; I like reading books like this because of the sheer breadth of instances you can use as examples later on. I was motivated to get it because I chanced upon it in a bookstore soon after I went to the James Burke event on connections.

Anyway, one of the themes that features a fair bit is music, because of the number of musicians he writes about. I pulled all the songs mentioned into a playlist. Here it is, with some notes for reference where relevant.

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