Life lessons from @ClayChristensen (via @tysst)

“To understand a company’s strategy, look at what they actually do rather than what they say they do,” the book quotes Andy Grove as saying. The same logic applies to one’s life. For example, ambitious people will reliably tell you that family, or being a mother or father, is the most important thing in their lives. Yet when pressed to choose between racing home to deal with a chaotic pre-bedtime scene and staying another hour at the office to solve a problem, they will usually keep working. It’s these small, everyday decisions that reveal if you’re following a path to being the best possible spouse and parent, the authors write. “If your family matters most to you, when you think about all the choices you’ve made with your time in a week, does your family come out on top?”

– From ‘Clay Christensen’s Life Lessons‘ in Businessweek

3 thoughts on “Life lessons from @ClayChristensen (via @tysst)

  1. Oooh new blog template! I like it!

    It’s so true though. But it would be a shame to include everyone because a lot of people work a bit extra precisely because they think it’s for their families and bringing in some extra money.

    I’ve been reading a lot on these ‘hidden injuries’ as they call them – and I think we all need someone to call in the perspective police every now and then to say ‘it won’t make a difference if you stay late tonight. Go home.’

    More to be said but don’t want to write novels in your comment box 😀

    • Thanks, glad you like the new template! I like it better too, a bit friendlier I feel.

      If a company has sensible leaders, there won’t be the need for the perspective police. I’ve been lucky to work with a few people who urge people working under them to go home when it’s late. As one of my first bosses said ‘what’s the worst thing that could happen?’. I do take on board your point that some people need to for their families, but I think in many cases where people aren’t billed by the hour, it’s often not a live-or-die situation that needs them to stay on.

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