Light graffiti by Barry Underwood (via @fotorater)

Image credit: Barry Underwood

Barry Underwood’s light graffiti photos immediately reminded me of Pablo Picasso’s light paintings. The reason Underwood’s work is memorable is because, as this post says:

…normally it’s the light graffiti within the picture that is supposed to grab the viewer’s attention, yet Underwood’s scenic backdrops are equally breathtaking.

In making the scenes as important as the light graffiti, Underwood has created something unique, though both individually have existed for years. Another good example of remix culture.

[Via Fotorater]

2 thoughts on “Light graffiti by Barry Underwood (via @fotorater)

  1. hi anjali, do you have an alternative link to share? both mentioned links are “Site Blocked” here. 😦 here democracy is only roaming around in the streets and roundabouts!

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