New @giveasyoulive extension for Chrome out today – donate while you shop online

Like me, I’m sure a number of you are regular users of Amazon, eBay – or even online grocery shopping destinations like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

Most of you (I hope!) will also be inclined to give to charity now and then.

Good news, then: Chrome has today launched the Give as You Live extension in partnership with Everyclick. What this means is that at no cost to you, you’ll be able to contribute to worthy causes every time you buy something online. As a heads up, Amazon donates up to 3.5% of purchases, Tesco donates up to 5%, John Lewis up to 3%. These are just indicative as over 2100 retailers are participating. You won’t be interrupted while you shop, but you can be notified when your shopping can raise funds for charity.

Time to get shopping!

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