Yay for @cainesarcade

Still catching up on news I missed when I was away.

Caine’s Arcade is one of those heartwarming stories about a 9-year-old in LA who built a games arcade out of cardboard, and whose effort has been appreciated by people who’ve donated enough to fund Caine’s college fees when he grows up. In addition, the Goldhirsh Foundation has promised to match dollar-for-dollar the contributions made to the fund, to help other talented kids, up to $250,000.

(As an aside, if you’ve switched off from the world at large for anything upto 24 hours, head to While You Were Off, an app built by BBH Labs).

2 thoughts on “Yay for @cainesarcade

  1. Oooh, I’ve been on holiday too. Love the story but also very intrigued by the app which I have to try as soon as I can download it. They definitely need one for ‘been away 7+ days’ 🙂

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