Buzzword bingo (via @thinkboxtv)

I was at very interesting event organised by Thinkbox yesterday, where one of the sessions was about buzzwords used in the media industry today. Neuroscience, social media, cupcake communication (brands saying things like ‘I like cupcakes. What do you like?’ on Facebook or Twitter), gamification (*puke*, sorry, I can’t even say the word without wincing) all got their due bashing. As a precursor to the session, we were shown a couple of clips that epitomise this behaviour of ours to go after the latest shiny thing without really understanding it and expecting it to be the cure of all our ills. Take a look, and enjoy the giggles!

4 thoughts on “Buzzword bingo (via @thinkboxtv)

  1. me too use only when circumstances demand. but then i have always found the running ants on my screen. 🙂 people around me writing poetry in Excel! LOL!

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