*This* is the internet (via @aleksk)

As much as I enjoyed Cath’s post about this being a great time to work in the internet, I couldn’t help but laugh when Aleks Krotoski pointed me to this IT Crowd sketch about the internet. It’s always good to take a step back and remind myself that there are still people to whom the internet is the 2012 equivalent of a box. And that’s why as much as the latest technology will continue to fascinate me and fold people (me!) into its grip, the best messages are usually those that are simple. It’s not the strategy that every brand can afford to adopt (if you have 1% of the market share then you have to work that much harder just to be heard, forget having to communicate your USP), but even Apple learnt this when they translated iCloud’s benefits into language that this author’s mother can understand without effort.

ᔥ Aleks Krotoski on Twitter

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