Consumer intent and the web: @sxsw panel feat. @edwardboches @farrahbostic @ajv @jeffjaner @jolieodell

Really interesting presentation arising out of a panel on consumer intent on the web featuring Edward Boches, Farrah Bostic, Jeff Janer, AJ Vaynerchuk and Jolie O’Dell. Edward’s post has more. One of the things we often discuss at PHD is how companies like Google and Amazon can stop drawing on past behaviour (‘you bought this, so you may like that’) and start using our actions to give us stuff that can be useful in the future. As I often say, if I search for a trip to Paris on Google once, went on to find something suitable, then actually went on the trip and returned to home base, Google often still keeps displaying more trips to Paris. Quite pointless. Not enough brands are really using this data properly, as Edward says. I like the American Express example he quotes: they know exactly where you’re spending, so why don’t they automatically come to you based on that with an offer you’ll find difficult to refuse?

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