Must go more often to @mini_stories

I heard about 826 Valencia, a San Francisco-based charity that helps young school kids write by giving leash to their imagination, when I saw Dave Eggers’ TED talk back in 2008 and it immediately piqued my interest, as a big believer in the power of storytelling. So I was naturally intrigued when I heard of the inception of the Ministry of Stories in London two years ago. Last year, I registered to become a writing mentor, or, as the Ministry says, Senior Minister! It’s been wonderful to see the support that the Ministry gets from events like The Story too – this year Lucy and Ben, the founders, came and presented at the event. Spending time with children as they make things up widens your own imagination, and it’s a really enriching experience for me. I haven’t been able to go as often as I’d like but after my time there last week, I’m buoyed and hope to go more often this year. D&AD have just written a case study about the Ministry of Stories as well.

If you’d like to support the Ministry of Stories and don’t live in London (or even if you do), they have an online store with all manner of exciting things for sale, such as Mortal Terror, Escalating Panic and Fang Floss (I bought myself a box of Zombie Mints on Saturday). You can also donate here, or become a member of the 159 Club.

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