Up and coming

A couple of weeks ago I was at the School of Communication Arts to mentor some students. It’s always interesting to see how youngsters look at briefs. These three examples of past work by SCA students stood out for me particularly. (Spank is the name of their in-house student agency, to make it more real-world!).

The first is a campaign to increase people’s awareness of swine flu. It came about when a friend of the school’s founder was diagnosed with swine flu back in 2009. She recovered, but he realised the NHS weren’t doing a particularly good job of educating people about the disease.

This is some hypothetical work for Thames Water, to popularise free drinking water vs. buying bottled water like Evian. Did you notice that ‘Evian’ is ‘naive’ spelt backwards?!

And finally some creative work for Vogel’s, a bread brand.

3 thoughts on “Up and coming

  1. anjali, you didn’t share the brief. am not being judgmental here but brief is the measuring device on how the end result look like. best, umd

    • There was no brief – it was entirely speculative in this case. In my post, I meant in general it is interesting to see how young people work.

      • ah! ok. indeed, true. peoples perception varies. nice to you are a mentor. well done. best, umd

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