Golden Age – Somewhere by @PaulDNicholls

Just remembered the Future Cities event I went to last month, where in partnership with onedotzero, the London Transport Museum showcased short animation and special effects films representing what different filmmakers thought the world would be like far into the future. I wasn’t impressed by too many of them even if I was amazed by the special effects – they were extremely outlandish, but this short by Paul Nicholls stood out for pretty obvious reasons (you can take a look at most of the others here, if you’re interested).

From the description of the film:

We are transported to a time where the boundaries between what is real and what is simulated are blurred. We live online and download places to relax, parks and shopping malls. We can even interact with our friends as if they were in the same room with simulated tele-presence. Everyone is connected and immersed in nanorobotic replications of any kind of object or furnishings, downlodable on credit based systems. Distance and time become as alien as the ‘offline’ (emphasis mine)

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