Kevin Kelly on the future of the internet

As always, good to listen to Kevin Kelly talking about the future of the internet. He’s summarised it with six verbs: screening, interacting, sharing, flowing, accessing and generating. 

Some thoughts of his that stood out:

* a large network is more valuable than multiple small networks because sharing is easier with a large network.

* anything that can be shared, will be shared

* the move to curated streams (e.g our personal Twitter/Facebook streams) from flows, pages, desktops.

* (this bit I don’t quite agree with, though it is a reflection of the real-time Twitter-dominated times we live in): if it isn’t real-time, it doesn’t count

* I was quite amused to hear him refer to Spotify as ‘Sean Parker’s Spotify’; clearly in the US Parker is the pull, though in Europe it’s founder Daniel Ek that’s more discussed.

* The internet is the world’s largest copy machine: anything that can be copied will be copied.

* The only value is that which cannot be copied, but it should be easy to pay to access it.

* Wherever attention is, money will follow.

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