The Underpants Gnomes Business Model

Justin recently referred to the Underpants Gnomes Business Model at work recently – I was so amused to hear about it. It’s a South Park clip, so obviously it’s irreverent – it completely makes fun of corporates who are so focussed upon profit they don’t care about how they get there (which is *bad*, to make myself clear), but there’s something to be said, as this old post on startups says, for focussing on profitability (the whole clip is embedded in that post, so go there to watch). At the end of the day, if you’re running a business, you better know how you’re going to make money. Otherwise, you’ll go under. It applies to art and technology as well: creativity for creativity’s sake is tough for even artists, even they need to make money to live. In ideal world, creativity should lead to business, like SVK has for BERG.

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