The one where I was contacted by a Seinfeld bot

The other day, I randomly tweeted a link about Jerry Seinfeld’s collection of Nike sneakers.!/anjali28/status/73332694267871232

Imagine my surprise when a minute later I saw this in response:!/hellooooonewman/status/73332826619117568

I then did a bit of investigating, and discovered that it was a project by Neil Kodner, who built a Seinfeld bot (amongst many other characters!) that auto-responds whenever anyone tweets anything Seinfeld-related. He’s a data geek, and mines everything available to generate a whole host of data related to these bots. Here’s more, from one of the FAQ’s on his site:

For example, since @HelloooooNewman has already sent out over 170,000 replies, I have at least that many incoming tweets mentioning Seinfeld in my logs.  I am able to tell who’s tweeting about Seinfeld, when people are talking about Seinfeld, what they’re saying, and so on and so forth.  I can even tell if certain events, such as the release of a box set or a new event have resulted in an increase of Seinfeld tweets.  For examples of some of the things I’ve done with the twitter data, check out this analysis of Seinfeld Tweets“…

He’s currently looking for Seinfeld quotes for his Newman bot to use, so if you’re a fan then do contribute.

Fascinating stuff. Entertaining too, but you get my point!

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