Mumbai Golf

Last year, Ammu Kannampilly, a friend of mine, worked on a short documentary about a caddy who plays golf in the slums of Mumbai, supported by his boss, a millionaire venture capitalist. It was recently aired on ESPN in India. It’s a fascinating video, with arresting shots of people fashioning golf clubs out of discarded steel and standing on the corrugated tin roofs of the slums to send the golf ball on its way. It serves as a reminder that the comfortable conditions the West lives in are so different from what people in other parts of the world have to navigate, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to achieve their ambitions. As Rob said recently, as a planner you need to use your mouth and ears and talk to different people – but if you can’t, at least be aware of how they live.

Mumbai Golf – ESPN E:60 from Evolve IMG Films Ltd. on Vimeo.

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