SXSW in retrospect: The Last of the Launch-and-Leave ‘Ems

I’ve been meaning to do a quick post about how my SXSW panel went. Mel Exon has put up her slides, so take a look below, and SXSW have put up the audio recording of the event, which may interest some of you. I think it went off fairly well (though listening to one’s own voice is rather strange!). Peter Parkes, Conrad Lisco and Mel were great panelists who were all up to the challenge of talking about things that are often pushed under the carpet. I particularly enjoyed Peter’s point about the infrastructure of death marketing, or what warning bells to look for when a client comes to you to commission a project you think will fail: what makes up the personalities of those kinds of people? Mel spoke eloquently about all advertising not being bad, and that in some cases it is actually better to launch and leave, and know when to exit and what you’re good at, and Conrad was quite good with using Nike+ (yes, even if it’s been mentioned a number of times before!) as an example of how agencies and clients can work together to build something that is useful on an ongoing basis.

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