Do lots vs. do good

On Brand Flakes for Breakfast, I heard about Ikea’s strategy to bring out one ad a day for 365 days to illustrate the variety of things you can do and buy from the store. Check out the video below.

But somehow I couldn’t help thinking about Pepsi Refresh and the results in the Social Activism 2.0 report brought out by TBWA last year, which mention that young people, who are on the receiving end of a barrage of marketing messages day in and day out, are more likely to connect with a brand if it speaks about causes they care about. So the sort of thing Ikea is doing doesn’t really make sense to me, never mind the +6% recall and other feel-good stats. I’m not saying we should extend the results of a study on young people to *all* people, but I don’t think it’s so off the mark. Call it a hunch.

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