5×15 – an evening of proper entertainment

Earlier this week, I went to a 5×15 event featuring a very interesting set of speakers. I was initially motivated to go because I was keen to see Amy Chua speak after reading her piece in the Wall Street Journal, based on her book on parenting which caused a furore in the international press, most notably the New York Times. But I was captivated by pretty much all the other speakers too. Judith Kerr is such a lovable granny – at 80+ years and as a survivor of Hitler’s Germany there is also a lot to respect her for. Jay Rayner spoke about his love for the piano and then played a jazz piano piece so well, accompanied by a bassist. Janet Street-Porter was irreverent as hell and most amusing. But I what I want to post right now is a video I found on trusty YouTube of the Paper Cinema‘s act that night. It was something else to see it being performed live – musical puppet theatre of the best kind.

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