Crayons and innovation

I just saw this on Wikipedia: a complete list of Crayola colours. Fuzzy Wuzzy, Jazzberry Jam, Purple Mountain’s Majesty – they’re all there. Reminded me of these videos of the Crayola production process I saw not too long ago.

I was talking to someone at work the other day, after we’d been to a Mexican Burrito place for lunch, about how there really is something to be said for an efficient assembly line process. I find it quite fascinating. It’s the complete antithesis to creativity in the traditional sense of the term, which is core to what I do, but coming up with a near-perfect process and solving problems that may crop up – those are avenues for creative thinking too, right?

2 thoughts on “Crayons and innovation

    • 🙂 There was actually another video entry but the owner removed it from YouTube. Still, I find these kind of mechanical processes quite interesting!

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