The Versailles-Martell story

So apparently this was about the Queen’s Ante-Chamber, a project by the House of Martell, to restore – well – the Queen’s Ante-Chamber, a room in the Palace of Versailles where the lavish meals of the royalty were prepared centuries ago. The reason for this partnership? The fact that ‘Versailles and Martell share the same passion for beauty, the same quest for perfection, and the same vision of luxury, the French “art of living”, and the finest gastronomy’.

There’s a lot of history involved, of course, and I uncovered some interesting nuggets of knowledge as I explored the project’s site. I learnt about Charles Le Brun, the 17th century artist and creator of the paintings in the Ante-Chamber, for example. It’s nice to see brands forge relationships like this – relationships that actually help in ensuring that art continues to leave its impact on generations to come. Just like a good story.

Photos by Anne Chauvet

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