Building the next generation of storytellers

When I heard of the Reinvention Summit, it piqued my interest for a few reasons: it’s about storytelling (one of my pet interests), it’s a purely virtual conference so it’s easy to participate, and it has some very interesting speakers lined up, like Nancy Duarte, whose Slide:ology is a fantastic resource for anyone who works with Keynote and Powerpoint, and Lance Weiler, whose film Head Trauma is a great example of transmedia storytelling.

The Summit, which will happen from 11-22 November at your nearest computer and is organized by Get Storied, aims to be an annual event with the aim of building a community of storytellers who see narrative as key to their work. I think the increasing interest in storytelling and narrative is part of the shift in advertising focus from products to people – definitely a good thing.

Access to the event starts at $11.11.

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