Blog Action Day 2010

I believe in using the power of the internet to create social change. One of the institutions that is doing this extremely well, truly leveraging the web for good, is Charity: Water. They were the partner of choice for Twestival 2009, and they are also the charity of choice for Blog Action Day 2010, which is tomorrow, October 15th. So far, more than 3,700 blogs have signed up to participate.

Most of you probably know the drill by now: blog about the same topic to create meaningful buzz about an issue. Details here.

If you’d like to help Charity: Water in their aim of getting clean, safe drinking water for the millions of people who more often than not see murky brown liquid come out of their water sources instead, one way of contributing would be to buy Age of Conversation 3, a book I contributed to with over 100 others. Due to some issues, the original non-profit we partnered with didn’t work out, and true to the image I have in my mind of an organisation in the charity sector who truly understand the benefits of partnership, Charity: Water stepped in. As a result, all profits from the sale of the book will go to Charity: Water.

You can buy the Kindle edition of the book here, the paperback version here, and hardcover version here.

Don’t forget to register for Blog Action Day yourselves, spread the word about the Age of Conversation 3 and Charity: Water, join the AOC3 Facebook group, and tweet about it with the hashtag #aoc3 so that it can be picked up by What the Hashtag. If you work in an agency, try getting them to buy the book as an end of year gift, it will be much appreciated.

Photo credit: obo-bobolina on Flickr via a Creative Commons license

4 thoughts on “Blog Action Day 2010

  1. I just wanted to come and say Hi from a fellow UK Blog action day blogger! I’d never heard of the book you contributed to, so thanks for the heads up – I’ll check it out on Amazon. Good luck with the sales
    Have a wonderful day!

    Mrs Green @myzerowaste

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