The new Foursquare rules

I really enjoyed Playful this year. The session that really distinguished it from most other conferences in my mind, though, was the ‘What the Foursquare’ mini-session, where Katy Lindemann, Phil Gyford, Paulina Bozek and Dan Williams argued their reasons to carry certain oft-discussed motions through to being rules. It was more fun than anything else, but being an avid Foursquare user it was good to know that there are certain things which bother people enough to discuss them becoming ‘rules’, albeit in a fun way. I wish Foursquare really did make them mandatory, but that would go against the nature of it I suppose. (It’s not completely implausible though. Twitter mandates 140 characters doesn’t it?)

Rule #1: No checking in at home

Rule #2: No checking in on buses

Rule #3: No auto-tweeting check-ins

Rule #4: No drive-by check-ins.

So you know what you need to do when someone you know does any of the above. Excommunicate them.

OK I’m kidding. But at the very least point to these blog posts (or mine!) and tell them they’re not playing by the rules. And rules, well, they’re not made to be broken 😉

One thought on “The new Foursquare rules

  1. […] The rules issue is contentious. Does there have to be a rule book? Not always, but I think Foursquare needs one. A couple of speakers at Mudlark’s Playful 10 touched on it, and i agree, complete freedom in play leads to boredom, whereas a ‘system’ or set of rules leads to mastery. Also, we had a bit of a vote on what rules Foursquare should have. […]

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