Mobiles in the Era of Ubiquitous Computing

Nice post on The Ideas Project blog that talks about the future of mobiles in an era of ubiquitous computing. Worth a read. I’m always irritated by the fact that apps on an iPhone can’t be used on other phones, but I know it’s naive to think they could. This article discusses the possibility, and it’s quite exciting. The article also links to interviews with Joi Ito, CEO of Creative Commons and Iqbal Quadir, founder of Grameen Phone, amongst others.

Enter the abstraction layer. It’s a simple concept: Create a way for applications to interoperate across devices. It’s a grand vision, and there are already encouraging signs that it’s possible with certain applications in the mobile world. For example, Forum Nokia offers a recent white paper entitled Nokia Software Strategy, which outlines the concept of abstraction layering, which brings platform independence and minimizes the developers’ need to have specific platform development skills,” enabling them to create applications without necessarily having to write specific code for a particular device.


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