Clarks’ Originals Desert Trek

Clarks is one of my favourite shoe brands – I find their products comfortable and very practical. I’m not much of a heel wearer and comfort is the *most* important thing I look for in shoes. Last year, I really liked most of their Clarks Originals designs when I saw them in stores. This year, to mark the re-launch of a special edition of their Desert Boot, they’re running an ARG competition on the Originals Adventures site, where players have to track the location of the Adventures Traveller to be in with a chance of winning £3,500 in vouchers from Trailfinders, so that they can go off on their own adventure.

Obviously people who buy the Special Edition boot itself (available online, and only in the UK) will have a bigger chance of winning because there’s a secret clue in the luggage fob that comes with it, and the brand’s using all their social media presences to release extra clues: Facebook, emails and Twitter.

If you’re interested and you’d like to play, I can give you two clues to start you off:

1. Clue 1: Fearing frostbite, our traveller won’t be going anywhere south of -69.9644535540671

2. Clue 2: He’s leaving his mittens at home, so his destination isn’t north of 77.36902027983763

The code M9xEh6 will help point you in the right direction (just for this week).

In general, I’m tiring of microsites and campaigns (as against platforms and utility), but campaigns strengthen a community, whether we like it or not. And anyway, everyone has brands they’re loyal to, and Clarks is one of mine. This is also one of the more interesting campaigns I’ve seen, a lot like Orange’s Where’s my Welly, but you know, for shoes.

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