Thumbs Up, Best Buy!

It’s very easy to knock brands who don’t listen to you when you try reaching them via social media, because they should – it’s called ‘social’ media for a reason (Mark has a good post on how he’s been disappointed with many brands on Twitter). However, I had a very good experience lately that I’d like to to call out, because I believe it isn’t fair not to appreciate brands when they do things right, if we can do the opposite.

I’m talking about Best Buy: every single touchpoint I used to contact them (and I was directed to use a range of them once I started the process of solving my problem), resulted in a positive outcome – I’m talking phone, then snail mail, then Twitter (Twelpforce especially, which I think has correctly earned the 2010 Interactive Gold Clio Award for Innovative Use of Technology, amongst other accolades) and finally email. A special Thank You goes out to Agents Aaron, Chris and Carol. It took a few months because it was a UK-US issue, but we persevered and it got sorted with minimal friction. I’d also like to say thank you to Kumar, Best Buy’s Open API Platform Director whom I met at SXSW this year, for being nice enough to ask how it was all going.

Twelpforce is a great example of how a brand can do things right – one of the very few companies apart from Zappos (respect, Mr. Hsieh), in my mind, who are not only customer-focussed but also very future-proof.

Great work, guys.

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