Get your game on

One more of those fun things that made me smile. Beer bottle caps with pictorial messages on the back. This was way back in March at SXSW, but better late than never (sorry for the grainy quality of the image).

The phrases are ‘no place to go but up’, ‘early bird catches the worm’, and ‘featured attraction’, if you can’t decipher them.

Games are definitely the way forward and such a social way of bringing people together. Even if they’re single player games, there’s always the fact that it will be a topic of conversation. The day I found these caps on those beer bottles for example, my friends around me helped me crack the cryptic messages, even though they were simple enough – it was about coming together over them.

Speaking of which, if you like making games yourself, you should head over to Pocketgame. Cadbury are running it as a way of getting people excited about games in the run-up to the London Olympics 2012, as they are the Official Treat Provider (‘treat’ is such an old-fashioned word, though!). The rules are simple: the games should be playable without requiring anything else, they should be created to be played with someone else, they should be pocket-sized (of course) and they should be made of sustainable or recyclable materials, which I think is a nice touch.

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