Age of Conversation 3: Now Available

Right, so the book I mentioned here is now available to buy at Amazon. I think it’s quite amazing that two people who’ve never met in real life, Drew McLellan in Des Moines, Iowa and Gavin Heaton in Sydney, Australia, have pulled this off successfully for the third year running.

Age of Conversation 3 has been written by 171 authors from 15 countries, and talks about the changing nature of social media over 10 chapters.  The chapter I wrote is about measurement, and at the rate things are changing on the interwebs, I thought that what I wrote may be slightly out of date by now. I’m glad to say it isn’t. Here’s a snippet:

The question I usually ask anyone who broaches the subject of measuring social media is how they’d measure conversations at a party. You get a group of people together, and hope they (and you) will have a good time. Some may and some may not, and all of it is not really within your control, even if you do your best to ensure that the canapés, drinks and music are all perfect. It’s about people, ultimately, and people can’t exactly be controlled….

There’s more about the project in the press release that has just gone out. The first two books raised over $20,000 for Variety, the children’s charity. All proceeds from Age of Conversation 3 will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

You can buy it here:




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