Where’s the fun in buying online?

Thinking of moments of delight on the web, I was wondering how the process of purchasing online can be made more fun. You know how when you buy something online, the typical statement after you complete your purchase is something along the lines of “Thank you for your order. It will be dispatched on such-and-such a date.”

The fact is, you’ve just paid hard-earned money for something. Shouldn’t the fact that you’ve bought something you like and want be reinforced in a nice way – perhaps with a funny animated character jumping across the screen saying “Woohoo! You’re now the proud of owner of…”

Wouldn’t that be nice, bringing a smile to your face? And wouldn’t you be motivated to go back to that kind of a site again later, when you want to buy something else? I know I would.

One thought on “Where’s the fun in buying online?

  1. yea defenetly.. will defenetlyy make me to order nd order more stuffss..!! { donnoo abt oders 😀 }

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