Logorama won the Best Animated Short Film Award at the 2010 Oscars. It is ridiculously thrilling and really disturbing at the same time, and definitely not for kids. As this site says, it’s ‘Pulp Fiction for Brands’ alright. 16 minutes, so sit back and take your time watching it.


One thought on “Logorama

  1. Great strategies for brand positioning! I was wondering what is the use of curse words and profanity in conversations. Is it a kind of pull factor for people to watch the video?

    As much brilliant as it is with strategy, timing & location of the brands, to the same extent it is awfully disturbing to view certain visuals. Why would they incorporate such an entity?

    Violence, hostage situations and death. They are Powerfully fear inducing to the mind. A different theme could have been used with a change in the story-line.

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