The Indian Premier League – Observing Brand Behaviour

Since 2008, the vast majority of people with Indian origins look forward to the month of April. That includes the huge non-resident population across the globe, and especially in the US and the UK. The event? The DLF Indian Premier League, which has more or less revolutionised the way cricket is played (and watched) by… More The Indian Premier League – Observing Brand Behaviour


Logorama won the Best Animated Short Film Award at the 2010 Oscars. It is ridiculously thrilling and really disturbing at the same time, and definitely not for kids. As this site says, it’s ‘Pulp Fiction for Brands’ alright. 16 minutes, so sit back and take your time watching it.


Last week I went to the London premiere of Playmakers at NESTA. Playmakers is a film by Ivo Gormley that documents the open design process that Alex Fleetwood and Holly Gramazio went through to design Scoop!, a real life game that was played by adults in July 2009 on the South Bank in London. (Some… More Playmakers