The Discreet Window

Ishac Bertran’s Discreet Window took me a few minutes to grasp, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a rather cool piece of work. It is essentially a blind that you can control which provides feedback about your work activity, if you happen to be working from home.

As an ambient display, The Discreet Window is a membrane that communicates the work intensity to both the home-office space and the outside. The more the user works, the less light is coming inside the room. Thus, the less visual contact there is between both sides of the window.

The user operates the blind using the small spheres attached to the control cord as a switch. By matching the colored sphere on the left side with the ones on the right side, the user swaps between the four modes: open, half-open, closed and graph. Selection of the graph mode displays information gathered from the computer about the time spent on work-related activity.

This video makes it clearer (probably sounds a bit weird described just in words, I know!)

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