Earth Hour 2010: 27th March

If you hate looking at buildings which have 100% of their lights on at nights with hardly a soul in them because of the sheer amount of electricity that goes waste, then you’ll probably like to be part of Earth Hour, organised by the WWF. After last year, when people in more than 3,000 cities and 80+ countries switched off for Earth Hour, the time comes upon us again tomorrow, the 27th March, at 8.30 p.m. People, businesses and even iconic buildings are set to switch their lights off for one hour to send the message that climate change needs to be considered seriously by their governments.

Sign up to show your support here. There are also a number of other ways you can help – take a look here.

This video shows you how some of the world’s cities will look like during Earth Hour when some of their most famous buildings go dark:

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