Ain’t No Sunshine…

I just took a look at Tropicana’s latest advert. I think it’s quite nice, playing to human emotions. With the amount of rubbish advertising I see lately, anything that actually strikes the right note is a plus. It may have something to do with the dreary weather we’ve been having here lately but I like the idea of bringing light to someone’s doorstep. As one of the YouTube commenters said (sic):

I know that the canadian winters make me depressed and if I could carry one of these glowing baloons everywhere with me, I’d feel allot better about the hole thing.

I may even forgive her for the AWFUL typos.

Also, I now know where Inuvik is. Population: 3,484!

3 thoughts on “Ain’t No Sunshine…

  1. reminds me of the Saint Juice ad that was released a few months back in India. Refreshing, minus dialogues and conveyed the message of ‘juice minus all the preservatives’

  2. Exactly, flaneurbanite – and thanks for the comment!

    RGC – hadn’t seen the Saint Juice ad before, quickly found it on YouTube. The sentiment is similar, but I like the Tropicana execution better. It’s interesting that both are for juice brands!

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