Introducing the internet, the saviour of crowd-funded films

A couple of interesting film projects are looking for funding.

The first is a short film called Grant Street Shaving Co., made by Payal Sethi, a friend of mine who I used to work with in New York, via IFP’s Fiscal Sponsorship programme. It’s her first directorial venture, and is backed by FilmKaravan, a company that Payal and another friend, Pooja Kohli, started a couple of years ago to showcase and foster independent South Asian cinema.

The second is Truth Beauty, the first full-length feature film of the team behind the crowd-funded short film Oscar & Jim that I contributed to last year. They’re not only running an extended Executive Producer scheme where anyone can contribute funds like last time, they’re also taking pre-orders (essentially a subscription model that will also help them make the film).

I think the internet really is awesome, and these films are examples of projects that probably can’t be made without it.

I’ve chipped in.

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